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We repair most professional audio using oem components to manufacturers specifications. We also re-manufacture drive units to manufacturers specifications using oem parts.

Please contact us for further details.

2 thoughts on “Repair

  1. Hello,

    Recently i have been recomended your company to fix my power amplifier that has become faulty.
    I have a C-Audio SR707 that recently has failed to turn on.
    We suspect either the power supply or the soft start resistors have gone but cannot be sure.
    Please could you inspect the amplifier and asses wether you are able fix it and test if it is within your capabilities.

    I would much prefer to use your comapny as you are very local to me.

    Many Thanks Aaron.

    • Hi Aaron,

      Yes, thats no problem if you can drop it by us, we will take a look at it and will then be able to quote you on the repairs.

      Many Thanks

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